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Adding instructions to enable GCSFuse for storage objects.

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The newly created cluster has a dedicated login node. In the most secure configuration, no public IPs are assigned to any nodes. The firewall only allows ICMP and TCP port 22. Follow instructions in `Accessing GCP node from CLI <Accessing-GCP-node-from-CLI.html>`_ to access the Slurm cluster via SSH, SCP, rsync, etc.
Enable GCSFuse
GCSFuse presents storage objects as files on shared directories. This allows you to access Petabytes of storage without pre-allocating anything. There is no downloading or uploading needed. You do not need to hard-code any keys or passwords, either.
Edit basic.tfvars if you are using Terraform script or slurm-cluster.yaml if you are using Deployment Manager to create Slurm clusters. Here are the steps in Terraform::
Add "" to compute_node_scopes, for example:
compute_node_scopes = [
(Optional) If you are using a none default service account, make sure it has “Storage Admin” role. If you are using the default service account (i.e., compute_node_service_account = "default"), nothing needs to be done.
Edit network_storage for worker nodes, for example:
network_storage = [
server_ip = "none"
remote_mount = "dy-test-301718"
local_mount = "/data"
fs_type = "gcsfuse"
mount_options = "file_mode=666,dir_mode=777,allow_other"
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