Commit c428d7cc authored by David Yu Yuan's avatar David Yu Yuan
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IC-2020.2.3 <davidyuan@C02XD1G9JGH7 Update filetypes.xml

parent df1a91fc
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@
<mapping ext="main.kts" type="Kotlin" />
<mapping pattern="1" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="result" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="tmp" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="http2fa" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="K8SonGKE" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="tmp" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern=".dockerignore" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="K8SonGKE" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="Installing-Docker-Kubernetes-for-CaaS" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="Testpush" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
<mapping pattern="" type="PLAIN_TEXT" />
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