Unverified Commit d3bee4d8 authored by Károly Erdős's avatar Károly Erdős Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #46 from EMBL-EBI-SUBS/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/ini-1.3.7

Bump ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.7
parents 78f806d9 6fa8ec96
......@@ -2894,9 +2894,9 @@
"integrity": "sha1-Yzwsg+PaQqUC9SRmAiSA9CCCYd4="
"ini": {
"version": "1.3.5",
"resolved": "https://registry.npmjs.org/ini/-/ini-1.3.5.tgz",
"integrity": "sha512-RZY5huIKCMRWDUqZlEi72f/lmXKMvuszcMBduliQ3nnWbx9X/ZBQO7DijMEYS9EhHBb2qacRUMtC7svLwe0lcw==",
"version": "1.3.7",
"resolved": "https://registry.npmjs.org/ini/-/ini-1.3.7.tgz",
"integrity": "sha512-iKpRpXP+CrP2jyrxvg1kMUpXDyRUFDWurxbnVT1vQPx+Wz9uCYsMIqYuSBLV+PAaZG/d7kRLKRFc9oDMsH+mFQ==",
"dev": true
"invert-kv": {
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