Commit acbc08f1 authored by David Mendez's avatar David Mendez
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Merge branch 'staging' into 'master'

Print to info log submission output paths when it fails

See merge request !71
parents 4a60c2bd 3ff03df1
......@@ -549,6 +549,9 @@ def submit_job_to_lsf(job):
return_code = submission_process.returncode
app_logging.debug(f'submission return code was: {return_code}')
if return_code != 0:'submission return code was: {return_code}')'Submission STD Output: \n {submission_process.stdout}')'Submission STD Error: \n {submission_process.stderr}')
raise JobSubmissionError('There was an error when running the job submission script! Please check the logs')
lsf_job_id = get_lsf_job_id(str(submission_process.stdout))
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