Commit 31f391f0 authored by David Mendez's avatar David Mendez
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Fix pylint issues

parent 0aeaca4e
......@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ def get_es_data(index_name, raw_es_query, raw_context, id_property, raw_contextu
:return: Returns the json response from elasticsearch and some metadata if necessary
if raw_context is None:
app_logging.debug('No context detected')
es_query = json.loads(raw_es_query)
es_response = es_data.get_es_response(index_name, es_query)
......@@ -62,13 +61,35 @@ def get_items_with_context(index_name, raw_es_query, raw_context, id_property, r
context_id = context_dict['context_id']
context_index = context_loader.load_context_index(context_id, id_property, context)
parsed_search_data = json.loads(raw_es_query)
if raw_contextual_sort_data is not None:
contextual_sort_data = json.loads(raw_contextual_sort_data)
contextual_sort_data = {}
search_data_with_injections = get_search_data_with_injections(raw_es_query, contextual_sort_data, id_property,
total_results, context_index)
raw_search_data_with_injections = json.dumps(search_data_with_injections)
es_response = es_data.get_es_response(index_name, json.loads(raw_search_data_with_injections))
add_context_values_to_response(es_response, context_index)
metadata = {
'total_results': len(context_index),
'max_results_injected': RUN_CONFIG.get('filter_query_max_clauses')
return es_response, metadata
def get_search_data_with_injections(raw_es_query, contextual_sort_data, id_property, total_results, context_index):
:param raw_es_query: stringifyed version of the es query
:param contextual_sort_data: dict describing the sorting by contextual properties
:param id_property: property used to identity each item
:param total_results: total number of results
:param context_index: index with the context
:return: the query to send to elasticsearch
parsed_search_data = json.loads(raw_es_query)
scores_query = get_scores_query(contextual_sort_data, id_property, total_results, context_index)
......@@ -76,21 +97,22 @@ def get_items_with_context(index_name, raw_es_query, raw_context, id_property, r
ids_query = get_request_for_chembl_ids(id_property, ids_list)
raw_search_data_with_injections = json.dumps(parsed_search_data)
return parsed_search_data
def add_context_values_to_response(es_response, context_index):
adds the values of the context to the response of es
:param es_response: response without the context values
:param context_index: index of the context values
es_response = es_data.get_es_response(index_name, json.loads(raw_search_data_with_injections))
hits = es_response['hits']['hits']
for hit in hits:
hit_id = hit['_id']
context_obj = context_index[hit_id]
hit['_source'][CONTEXT_PREFIX] = context_obj
metadata = {
'total_results': len(context_index),
'max_results_injected': RUN_CONFIG.get('filter_query_max_clauses')
return es_response, metadata
def get_scores_query(contextual_sort_data, id_property, total_results, context_index):
......@@ -555,7 +555,7 @@ max-bool-expr=5
# Maximum number of locals for function / method body.
# Maximum number of parents for a class (see R0901).
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