Commit 7f5da45b authored by David Mendez's avatar David Mendez
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Properties configuration: include virtual non contextual properties in all properties response

parent 6b9e9b3c
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ class GroupConfiguration:
:param index_name: the index to check
:return: a list of all the configured properties among all the groups
cache_key = f'configured_properties_for_{index_name}-2'
cache_key = f'configured_properties_for_{index_name}-{RUN_CONFIG.get("cache_key_suffix")}'
app_logging.debug(f'cache_key: {cache_key}')
cache_response = cache.fail_proof_get(key=cache_key)
......@@ -128,11 +128,17 @@ class GroupConfiguration:
is_virtual = property_config.get('is_virtual', False)
# Do not include virtual properties
if is_virtual:
is_contextual = property_config.get('is_contextual', False)
# If is virtual and non contextual, include the property on which it is based
if is_virtual and not is_contextual:
based_property_id = property_config.get('based_on')
# Add normal properties
if not is_virtual and not is_contextual:
# Ignore virtual contextual properties
seconds_valid = RUN_CONFIG.get('es_mappings_cache_seconds')
cache.fail_proof_set(key=cache_key, value=properties_identified, timeout=seconds_valid)
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