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    Use embeddable component for sequence search (#502) · 0f78eedd
    Carlos Eduardo Ribas authored
    * Add the embeddable component
    * Remove the embeddable component
    * Add line to allow cross domain request
    * Allow CORS for API requests
    * Use the new parameter to fix the CSS
    * Remove the button to search for similar sequences
    * Use the embeddable component to search for similar sequences
    * Update title
    * Add text about the number of similar sequences
    * Remove legacy sequence search
    * Remove link to legacy sequence search
    * Hide "Powered by RNAcentral"
    * Check if the embeddable component is installed
    * Remove pymysql requirement
    Co-authored-by: Anton Petrov's avatarAnton Petrov <apetrov@ebi.ac.uk>
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