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Add new warning

parent 970df689
<div class="qc-warning-tooltip">
<span ng-repeat="warning in rna.fields.qc_warning | plaintext">
<p ng-if="warning === 'possible_contamination'">This Eukaryotic sequence matches a Bacterial Rfam family</p>
<p ng-if="warning === 'possible_orf'">This is a new message</p>
<p ng-if="warning === 'incomplete_sequence'">This sequence matches only part of Rfam model</p>
<p ng-if="warning === 'missing_match'">This sequence does not match the expected Rfam family</p>
......@@ -294,6 +294,7 @@
<span ng-repeat="warning in rna.fields.qc_warning | plaintext">
<span ng-if="warning==='has_issue'"></span>
<span ng-if="warning==='possible_contamination'">possible contamination</span>
<span ng-if="warning==='possible_orf'">possible ORF</span>
<span ng-if="warning==='incomplete_sequence'">incomplete sequence</span>
<span ng-if="warning==='missing_rfam_match'">missing Rfam hit</span>{{$last || warning==='has_issue' ? '' : ', '}}
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