Commit 29a2e784 authored by Blake Sweeney's avatar Blake Sweeney
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Add entry_type:"Sequence" to search by default

We are now indexing entries other than sequences, so we have to limit
the search unless needed. This adds such a constraint in the frontend.
We could also alter it in the proxy backend code but I'm unsure if that
is the best approach.
parent 8ca3e9af
......@@ -282,6 +282,10 @@ var search = function (_, $http, $interpolate, $location, $window, $q, routes) {
if (lengthClause) {
query = query.replace(placeholder + '*', lengthClause[0]);
if (!query.match(/entry_type\:/i)) {
query += ' AND entry_type:"Sequence"'
return query;
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