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......@@ -22,6 +22,13 @@ Watch a recording of an online webinar to see RNAcentral in action:
RNAcentral has been described in several papers:
<blockquote class="callout-info">
<p>Exploring non‐coding RNAs in RNAcentral</p>
<footer>Sweeney, B. A., Tagmazian, A. A., Ribas, C. E., Finn, R. D., Bateman, A., & Petrov, A. I., 2020</footer>
<footer><em>Current Protocols in Bioinformatics</em></footer>
<a href="">CPB</a>
<p>RNAcentral: a hub of information for non-coding RNA sequences</p>
<footer>The RNAcentral Consortium, 2019</footer>
<footer><em>Nucleic Acids Research (Database issue)</em></footer>
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