Commit 55bb4e74 authored by carlosribas's avatar carlosribas
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Update dashboard to work with python 3

parent 81c547a7
......@@ -167,11 +167,17 @@ def dashboard(request):
for index in range(len(expert_db_results)):
for key in expert_db_results[index]:
if expert_db_results[index][key][-1].keys()[0] == current_month:
get_current_month = list(expert_db_results[index][key][-1]) if list(expert_db_results[index][key]) else None
get_current_month = get_current_month.pop() if get_current_month else None
get_last_month = list(expert_db_results[index][key][-2]) if list(expert_db_results[index][key]) else None
get_last_month = get_last_month.pop() if get_last_month else None
if get_current_month == current_month:
current_month_pie_chart.append({key: expert_db_results[index][key][-1][current_month]})
if expert_db_results[index][key][-1].keys()[0] == last_month:
if get_current_month == last_month:
last_month_pie_chart.append({key: expert_db_results[index][key][-1][last_month]})
if expert_db_results[index][key][-2].keys()[0] == last_month:
if get_last_month == last_month:
last_month_pie_chart.append({key: expert_db_results[index][key][-2][last_month]})
context = {
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