Commit b7ddb2ab authored by Boris A. Burkov's avatar Boris A. Burkov
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Removed * from .dockerignore, fixed paths in Dockerfile-production, added...

Removed * from .dockerignore, fixed paths in Dockerfile-production, added secret to Kubernetes config.
parent f72a4c58
......@@ -45,5 +45,5 @@ RUN \
RUN pip install -r /srv/rnacentral/rnacentral/requirements.txt
# Start up the app
ENTRYPOINT supervisord -c /srv/rnacentral/rnacentral-webcode/supervisor/supervisor.conf && \
python /srv/rnacentral/rnacentral-webcode/ runserver
ENTRYPOINT supervisord -c /srv/rnacentral/supervisor/supervisor.conf && \
python /srv/rnacentral/rnacentral/ runserver
......@@ -16,4 +16,8 @@ spec:
- name: rnacentral-webcode
# Run this image
image: rnacentral/rnacentral-webcode:latest
\ No newline at end of file
image: rnacentral/rnacentral-webcode:latest
- name: local-settings
mountPath: "/srv/rnacentral/rnacentral/rnacentral/"
readOnly: true
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