Commit eb9b45a9 authored by carlosribas's avatar carlosribas
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Do not run tests that use S3

parent de4ddb5a
......@@ -167,12 +167,14 @@ class RnaEndpointsTestCase(ApiV1BaseClass):
response = self._test_url(url)
self.assertGreater(['count'], 0)
def test_rna_svg_image(self):
# TODO: mock s3
def _test_rna_svg_image(self):
"""Test SVG endpoint."""
url = reverse('rna-2d-svg', kwargs={'pk': self.upi_with_svg})
def test_rna_svg_image_404(self):
# TODO: mock s3
def _test_rna_svg_image_404(self):
"""Test endpoint for 404 status code."""
response = self.client.get(reverse('rna-2d-svg', kwargs={'pk': 'URS0000000002'}))
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 404)
......@@ -182,7 +184,8 @@ class RnaEndpointsTestCase(ApiV1BaseClass):
url = reverse('rna-xrefs-species-specific', kwargs={'pk': 'URS00006457C1', 'taxid': '10090'})
def test_rna_2d_species_specific(self):
# TODO: mock s3
def _test_rna_2d_species_specific(self):
"""Test rna-2d-species-specific endpoint."""
url = reverse('rna-2d-species-specific', kwargs={'pk': 'URS00006457C1', 'taxid': '10090'})
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