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We help scientists exploit complex information to make discoveries that benefit humankind.
<a href="//">Find a tool or data resource</a> or <a href="//">Deposit data</a>.
<a href="//">Find tools and resources</a> or <a href="//">deposit data</a>.
<!-- <div class="columns large-7 medium-9 padding-top-large">
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
<form id="ebi_search" action="/ebisearch/search.ebi" data-abide novalidate class="vf-box vf-box--easy vf-box-theme--primary" style="color: #222">
<div class="margin-top-medium show-for-medium">
<div class="show-for-medium">
<span class="vf-box__text">Explore dozens of biological data resources with our <a href="">Search service</a>.<br/><span>
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