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<h3 class="vf-section-header__heading"><a href="//" class="no-underline">Featured topic</a></h3>
<h3 class="vf-section-header__heading"><a href="" class="no-underline">Featured topic</a></h3>
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<a href="//"><img src="" !inline alt="still from Norway COVID-19 Data Portal video" /></a>
<!-- <div class='embed-container'><iframe src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe></div> -->
<a href=""><img src="" !inline alt="Join prominent scientists in supporting open COVID-19 data" /></a>
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<a href="//" class="vf-link--white no-underline">COVID-19 data sharing: National efforts</a>
<a href="//" class="vf-link--white no-underline">Join prominent scientists in supporting open COVID-19 data</a>
<p class="vf-figure__captionx | vf-u-text-color--ui--white">
Building on EMBL-EBI's COVID-19 Data Platform, a number of countries, including Norway, have launched their own national portals, focusing on COVID-19 research and data sharing.
The scientific community call upon data submitters, data users, policy makers and the wider research community to adopt the best practice of submitting their SARS-CoV-2 data to openly accessible databases, such as those of INSDC.
<p class="">
<a class="vf-button vf-button--secondary vf-button--sm" href="//" class="vf-link--white">Watch the video</a>
<a class="vf-button vf-button--secondary vf-button--sm" href="" class="vf-link--white">Sign the open letter</a>
<a href="/about/our-impact/covid-19" class="vf-link--white">Read more about EMBL-EBI's efforts to fight COVID-19</a>
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