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EMBL-EBI Training has paused its programme of onsite courses until the end of June 2020, with courses beyond still open for application. Our online training and live webinars remain active to enable you to keep learning wherever you are.
EMBL-EBI Training has paused its programme of onsite courses and is running a lively programme of virtual courses and webinars. You can also train anytime using our free elearning courses at Train online.
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<a href="/training/online" class="vf-button vf-button--sm">Browse online courses</a>
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EMBL-EBI has postponed its Industry Programme workshops until the end of June 2020. The team is closely monitoring the situation and further updates for upcoming workshops will follow as the situation progresses.
EMBL-EBI has paused its face-to-face Industry Programme workshops and Quarterly Meetings which continue to be delivered virtually for the remainder of 2020. We encourage all members to participate in virtual Quarterly Meetings.
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<a href="/industry" class="vf-button vf-button--sm">Explore industry partnerships</a>
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