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<section class="embl-grid embl-grid--has-centered-content vf-u-padding__top--xl">
<h4 class="vf-text vf-text-heading--3 vf-u-margin__top--">
<!-- EMBL-EBI's achievements -->
EMBL-EBI's achievements
<!-- <span class="vf-text">EMBL-EBI at a glance</span> -->
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<section class="vf-grid vf-grid__col-XXX">
<article class="vf-summary vf-summary--news">
<span class="vf-summary__date">13 Aug 2019</span>
<!-- <span class="vf-summary__date">13 Aug 2019</span> -->
<a href="/sites/" class="vf-summary__image"> <img title="Download the report" src="//" alt="Download the report" border="0"> </a>
<h3 class="vf-summary__title">
<!-- <h3 class="vf-summary__title">
<a href="/sites/" class="vf-summary__link">EMBL-EBI's achievements</a>
</h3> -->
<p class="vf-summary__text">
Our <a href="/sites/">Scientific Report</a> highlights the achievements of each of our research, service and support teams, provides facts and figures on how our data resources are used, and reports on staff composition.
......@@ -365,10 +365,14 @@
<!-- <p class="vf-text"></p> -->
<p class="vf-summary__text vf-text-body--5">
View prior EMBL-EBI Scientific Reports and other <a href="#" class="vf-link">publications on the Digital Bookshelf</a>.
<!-- <p class="vf-summary__text vf-text-body--5">
Previous reports: <a href="//">2016</a>, <a href="//">2015</a>, <a href="//">2014</a>, <a href="//">2013</a>, <a href="//">2012 </a>, <a href="/sites/">2011</a>, <a href="/sites/">2010</a>, <a href="/sites/">2009</a>;
<a href=";id=3f8f2f09da" class="vf-link">Subscribe to EMBL-EBI publications</a>.
These reports compliment the <a href="">EMBL Annual Reports</a>, which provide an overview of achievements at all EMBL sites.
</p> -->
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style="width: 100%"
src="//" allowfullscreen>
src="//" allowfullscreen>
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