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<div class="medium-8 columns | analytics-content-left | sticky-feature">
<h3 class="vf-section-header__heading"><a href="" class="no-underline">Featured topic</a></h3>
<div class="vf-u-background-color--bright-green--dark padding-bottom-large margin-top-small" style="background: rgb(59,73,80);">
<a href=""><img src="" !inline alt="Join prominent scientists in supporting open COVID-19 data" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" !inline alt="Fill in our Impact survey" /></a>
<div class="vf-u-text-color--ui--white">
<div class="vf-u-margin__top--600 vf-u-margin__right--800 vf-u-margin__left--800 ">
<p class="vf-text--body vf-text-body--1">
<a href="//" class="vf-link--white no-underline">Join prominent scientists in supporting open COVID-19 data</a>
<a href="//" class="vf-link--white no-underline">Fill in our Impact survey</a>
<p class="vf-figure__captionx | vf-u-text-color--ui--white">
The scientific community call upon data submitters, data users, policy makers and the wider research community to adopt the best practice of submitting their SARS-CoV-2 data to openly accessible databases, such as those of INSDC.
Our data resources are free and always will be, but we need your help to assess their value and impact, and to keep the data flowing. Please take 15 minutes to fill in our survey..
<p class="">
<a class="vf-button vf-button--secondary vf-button--sm" href="" class="vf-link--white">Read the open letter</a>
<a class="vf-button vf-button--secondary vf-button--sm" href="" class="vf-link--white">Fill in survey</a>
<a href="/about/our-impact/covid-19" class="vf-link--white">Read more about EMBL-EBI's efforts to fight COVID-19</a>
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