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!inline style="width:280px; margin-left: 10px;">
<h1 class="vf-hero__heading" style="padding-bottom: 0; color: #fff;">The potential of 'big data' in biology</h1>
<h1 class="vf-hero__heading" style="padding-bottom: 0; color: #fff;">The potential of big data in biology</h1>
<p class="vf-hero__text" style="padding-top: 4px; color: #fff;">
We help scientists exploit complex information to make discoveries that benefit humankind.
<p class="vf-hero__text" style="padding-top: 4px; color: #fff;">
<a class="vf-link--white" href="//">Find tools and resources</a> or <a class="vf-link--white" href="//">deposit data</a>.
......@@ -225,8 +227,11 @@
<div class="row">
<div class="small-12 columns margin-bottom-xlarge analytics-content-intro">
<div class="small-12 columns margin-bottom-xlarge margin-top-xlarge analytics-content-intro">
<hr class="vf-divider" />
<div class="row medium-up-2 large-up-3" data-equalizer>
<a href="//" class="column no-underline" data-equalizer-watch>
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