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# RTHelper
This script provides a number of user enhancements to the clunky default interface of RT at EBI, to enable quicker and easier management of tickets.
The functionality is implemented in JavaScript and inserted into the page by GreaseMonkey in Firefox or TamperMonkey in Chrome.
_Unfortunately the script does not work in Safari, as Apple has blocked some of the commands. Don't even think about it for Internet Explorer!_
## Installation
### 1. Install framework
Please install the browser plugin to provide the framework for intersting and activating user scripts on a webpage.
[GreaseMonkey]( on Firefox
[TamperMonkey]( on Chrome
### 2. Install/Update script
Once you have installed GreaseMoney or TamperMonkey, please click on the link below - GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey will ask you to approve the script.
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