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# Developer Instructions
TLDR; Changes to the script should be made in a new feature branch, merged into master, tagged with a version number
and stable tag should be updated.
## Importing script into TamperMonkey for testing purposes
You can force TamperMonkey to load the modified script for testing purposed by visiting
- if your feature branch is `feature-report-spam`, then you can import the script into TamperMonkey from
- if your tagged version is `2.7.0`, then you can import the script into TamperMonkey from
- there is a special 'stable' tag that is applied to the most recent tested version - this is used as the update
endpoint by TamperMonkey and available at
Don't forget to restore the original stable code when you are finished testing alternative versions.
# Release procedure
- Ensure the `@version` metadata in `rthelper.user.js` is updated according to your updates - this should be updated
according to semantic versioning standards
- Merge feature branch to master branch
- Tag the master branch with the same version number
- Delete the existing `stable` tag
- Re-apply the `stable` tag to the same commit as the most recent version
- TamperMonkey will check for script updates periodically, it will notice the version number increase and update the
script accordingly (there is no automatic downgrade)
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
// @match*
// @include*
// @grant GM_xmlhttpRequest
// @version 2.7.0
// @version 2.7.1
// @updateURL
// @downloadURL
// @supportURL
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