Commit b3f22ec6 authored by Sandeep Kadam's avatar Sandeep Kadam

Added condition check for local group site setup if no slug

parent 78c9acc0
......@@ -271,6 +271,10 @@ wp eval 'embl_taxonomy()->register->sync_taxonomy();'
# Configure taxonomy terms
## Currently disabled - set these manually in the site
who_id="$(wp term list embl_taxonomy --slug=${WP_GROUP_WHO_TAXONOMY_SLUG} --field=term_taxonomy_id)"
if ! [[ $who_id ]] ; then
echo "Taxonomy of WP_GROUP_WHO_TAXONOMY_SLUG doesn't exists, please check if correct taxonomy added in .env file & rerun setup";
exit 1;
what_id="$(wp term list embl_taxonomy --slug=${WP_GROUP_WHAT_TAXONOMY_SLUG} --field=term_taxonomy_id)"
where_id="$(wp term list embl_taxonomy --slug=${WP_GROUP_WHERE_TAXONOMY_SLUG} --field=term_taxonomy_id)"
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