Commit ca8e41b6 authored by Sandeep Kadam's avatar Sandeep Kadam

Added correct plugin path for local build

parent 5bab45e9
......@@ -54,11 +54,11 @@ fi
echo "Download external VF-WP plugins"
git clone
# Start symlink for plugins
if [ -d "${WP_DEST_PLUGIN_PATH}" ]; then
if [ -d "./wp-content/plugins" ]; then
echo "Creating Plugins symlinks";
PLUGIN_DIRS=$(ls ./vfwp-external-plugins | xargs);
for DIR in $PLUGIN_DIRS; do
ln -sf ../../../wp-content/plugins/${DIR} ${WP_DEST_PLUGIN_PATH};
ln -sf ${RELATIVE_DOCUMENT_ROOT}/vfwp-external-plugins/${DIR} ${WP_DEST_PLUGIN_PATH};
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