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added banner about the GL call in the jobs landing page

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......@@ -11,6 +11,15 @@ export function EMBLHome() {
<EmblHeader />
<EmblBreadcrumbs />
{/* notification for GL recruitment */}
<section className="vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--info vf-u-margin__bottom--400 vf-u-margin__top--400">
<div className="vf-banner__content">
<p className="vf-banner__text">EMBL is recruiting highly motivated group leaders in Theoretical Biology at EMBL Heidelberg. <a className="vf-banner__link" href="/topics/transversal-research-themes/theory-at-embl/#gl-positions">Learn more</a></p>
<section className="vf-hero | vf-u-fullbleed">
<div className="vf-hero__content | vf-box | vf-stack vf-stack--400">
{" "}
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