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Update gl recruitment sidebar

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......@@ -376,10 +376,24 @@ export function GroupLeaderRecruitment() {
<h3 className="vf-links__heading">Learn more about:</h3>
<ul className="vf-links__list vf-links__list--secondary | vf-list">
<li className="vf-list__item">
<a className="vf-list__link" href="/topics/transversal-research-themes/theory-at-embl/">
<a className="vf-list__link" href="/research/units/cell-biology-biophysics/">
Cell Biology and Biophysics
<li className="vf-list__item">
<a className="vf-list__link" href="/research/units/developmental-biology/">
Developmental Biology
<li className="vf-list__item">
<a className="vf-list__link" href="/research/units/structural-and-computational-biology/">
Structural and Computational Biology
<li className="vf-list__item">
<a className="vf-list__link" href="/topics/transversal-research-themes/">
Transversal Research Themes
<p className="vf-links__meta">Transversal research themes</p>
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