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Bug: vf-divider fails to inherit vf-stack (#1723)

* Bug: vf-divider fails to inherit vf-stack

When vf-stack 3.0 stopped using `!important`, that also meant `vf-divder`'s margin top 0 was no longer being overriden.

this sorts that.

* Update CHANGELOG.md
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### 2.7.1
* Make vf-divider respect vf-stack spacing.
* https://github.com/visual-framework/vf-core/pull/1723
### 2.7.0
* `@mixin set-type` margin-top now inherits any applicable vf-stack margin.
......@@ -10,5 +10,7 @@
border: none;
height: 1px;
margin-block: 0 var(--vf-divider-margin--block-end, $margin--block-end);
margin-top: #{map-get($vf-spacing-map, vf-spacing--400)}; /* IE Fallback */
margin-top: var(--vf-stack-margin, #{map-get($vf-spacing-map, vf-spacing--400)});
width: 100%;
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