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added a region for embl-notifications banners (#1752)

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......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ function emblNotificationsInject(message) {
// we use vf-u-margin__top--400 as this element is usually inserted inside a contentHub wrapper and not affected by body.vf-stack
// if vf-stack is set, this will have no practical affect
output.innerHTML = `
<div class="vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--info | vf-content">
<div class="vf-banner vf-banner--alert vf-banner--info | vf-content" data-vf-google-analytics-region="notifications-banner">
<div class="vf-banner__content">
<p class="vf-banner__text">${message.body}</p>
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