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bug: vf-figure path handling

This removes the ` | path` from the njk template which made it non-usable outside of fractal (it now follow the docs made sense this pattern was last updated).

Also eats extra white space.
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......@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@ context:
text: Version, 1982, Adenovirus with 217 dots
alttext: hello alt text
imageUrl: "/assets/vf-figure/assets/figure-example.png"
imageUrl: "../../assets/vf-figure/assets/figure-example.png"
{# You're using an ID? Really?? That'll go here #}
{% if id %} id="{{-id-}}"{% endif %}
<figure {# You're using an ID? Really?? That'll go here -#}
{%- if id -%} id="{{-id-}}" {%- endif -%}
{%- if override_class %} | {{override_class}}{% endif -%}">
<img class="vf-figure__image" src="{{imageUrl | path}}" alt="{{alttext}}">
<img class="vf-figure__image" src="{{imageUrl}}" alt="{{alttext}}">
<figcaption class="vf-figure__caption">{{- html | safe if html else text -}}</figcaption>
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