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updated versions of recently released components (#1765)

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{ {
"version": "1.2.0", "version": "1.2.1",
"name": "@visual-framework/embl-notifications", "name": "@visual-framework/embl-notifications",
"description": "embl-notifications component", "description": "embl-notifications component",
"homepage": "https://stable.visual-framework.dev", "homepage": "https://stable.visual-framework.dev",
{ {
"version": "3.0.0-rc.1", "version": "3.0.0-rc.2",
"name": "@visual-framework/vf-navigation", "name": "@visual-framework/vf-navigation",
"description": "vf-navigation component", "description": "vf-navigation component",
"homepage": "https://stable.visual-framework.dev/", "homepage": "https://stable.visual-framework.dev/",
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