Unverified Commit 2f49201a authored by Josue Martinez Villacorta's avatar Josue Martinez Villacorta Committed by GitHub
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Update build.gradle

parent 5c852ffc
......@@ -181,11 +181,11 @@ def getAngularBuildScript(){
task deploy << {
ssh.run {
println("execute" + "~/ena/generic-deploy.sh $project.name $version $environment $serverPort $serverContextPath")
println("execute" + "~/ena/generic-deploy.sh $project.group $project.name $version $environment $serverPort $serverContextPath")
for (remote in getEnvRemotes()){
println("Deploying into: " + remote)
session(remote) {
execute "~/ena/generic-deploy.sh $project.name $version $environment $serverPort $serverContextPath"
execute "~/ena/generic-deploy.sh $project.group $project.name $version $environment $serverPort $serverContextPath"
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