Read Submission

We recommend that Fastq, BAM, and CRAM read files are submitted using Webin-CLI

When using this interface instead of Webin-CLI, raw sequences must be uploaded in one of the supported data formats before they can be submitted. The files can be uploaded using Webin File Uploader, FTP or Aspera

The study and the sequenced samples must be pre-registered before the raw reads are submitted. Please note that each individual study and sample should be registered only once. You will be asked to provide information about the sequencing libraries and instruments. Please quote the study accession number (ERP*) when citing data submitted to ENA.

Download spreadsheet template for Read submission
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A PacBio experiment output consists of a metadata.xml, bas.h5 and bax.h5 files. These files should be submitted using a 'manifest.all' file that lists these files for a given run. The recommended way to create the manifest file is to use the linux md5sum command. The manifest file must have two columns, the first containing file md5 checksum and the second the file name.

For example, the 'manifest.all' file may look like:

0ddf706a5962b55fc85c524c4150231d metadata.xml

d45f37b3567dfac6b33a1e150e6c5a68 a.bas.h5

12d4309a2b7c71500194261acbc00c62 a.bax.h5

The 'manifest.all' file should be submitted to the archive on behalf of the files listed within.



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