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    bugfix for the infinite loop on "unreachable" workers · c115c8a7
    Matthieu Muffato authored
    Queen::check_for_dead_workers() calls Valley::status_of_all_our_workers_by_meadow_signature()
    and checks there not only the status of the workers, but also which meadows
    are available.  In 2.4, this used to contain empty hashes for reachable
    meadows with no workers, but this behaviour was broken on master when I
    refactored parts of Valley and Meadow.  In case there was no running
    workers, there wouldn't even be an entry for the meadow, and Queen was
    considering the meadow to be unreachable.  If at the same time a worker is
    killed by LSF on this meadow, beekeeper wasn't able to understand it could
    bacct it.
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