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Build the documentation locally
Build the documentation
Python environment
......@@ -34,6 +34,77 @@ run ``make html`` and open ``_build/html/index.html``.
documentation, since it takes quite a lot of time to generate. Run ``make
cleaner`` to clean it up as well.
The ReadTheDocs build works on Docker containers that are reused across
builds from potentially several projects.
1. We extend the environment by fake-installing extra packages. This is
done by downloading some .deb archives from the Ubuntu repository,
extracting them in a local directory and setting up the ``PATH`` and
``PERL5LIB`` environment variables accordingly.
This allows us to run all the eHive scripts directly on the ReadTheDocs
infrastructure, including ```` or ````
2. ReadTheDocs runs off the main project directory
``$PROJECT_DIR/`` which
a. A `virtualenv` python environment under ``envs/$BRANCH_NAME``
b. The eHive checkout under ``checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME``
.. list-table:: Environment variables under ReadTheDocs
- /app
- $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin
- noninteractive
* - HOME
- /home/docs
- build-5695180-project-72101-ensembl-hive (random name of the
* - LANG
- C.UTF-8
- /home/docs
* - PATH
- $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/home/docs/miniconda2/bin
* - PWD
- $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME/docs
- True
- ensembl-hive
- experimental-user_manual
The following commands are run, according to the build log, but
presumably other things may be run in between !
python2.7 -mvirtualenv --no-site-packages --no-download $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/pip install --use-wheel -U --cache-dir $PROJECT_DIR/.cache/pip sphinx==1.5.3 Pygments==2.2.0 setuptools==28.8.0 docutils==0.13.1 mkdocs==0.15.0 mock==1.0.1 pillow==2.6.1 readthedocs-sphinx-ext<0.6 sphinx-rtd-theme<0.3 alabaster>=0.7,<0.8,!=0.7.5 commonmark==0.5.4 recommonmark==0.4.0
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/pip install --exists-action=w --cache-dir $PROJECT_DIR/.cache/pip -r$PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME/requirements.txt
cat docs/
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/sphinx-build -T -E -b readthedocs -d _build/doctrees-readthedocs -D language=en . _build/html
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/sphinx-build -T -b json -d _build/doctrees-json -D language=en . _build/json
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/sphinx-build -T -b readthedocssinglehtmllocalmedia -d _build/doctrees-readthedocssinglehtmllocalmedia -D language=en . _build/localmedia
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/sphinx-build -b latex -D language=en -d _build/doctrees . _build/latex
pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME/docs/_build/latex/ehive_user_manual.tex
makeindex -s ehive_user_manual.idx
pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME/docs/_build/latex/ehive_user_manual.tex
mv -f $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME/docs/_build/latex/ehive_user_manual.pdf $PROJECT_DIR/artifacts/$BRANCH_NAME/sphinx_pdf/ensembl-hive.pdf
python $PROJECT_DIR/envs/$BRANCH_NAME/bin/sphinx-build -T -b epub -d _build/doctrees-epub -D language=en . _build/epub
mv -f $PROJECT_DIR/checkouts/$BRANCH_NAME/docs/_build/epub/eHiveusermanual.epub $PROJECT_DIR/artifacts/$BRANCH_NAME/sphinx_epub/ensembl-hive.epub
.. _RestructuredText:
.. _Sphinx:
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