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remove_by_condition_analysis_url() is no longer used by Compara, so has been removed

parent 8811e268
......@@ -44,32 +44,6 @@ sub object_class {
=head2 remove_by_condition_analysis_url
Arg[1] : string condition_analysis_url
Usage : $self->remove_by_condition_analysis_url("ThisAnalysisLogicName");
Function: removes all the control rules for this condition analysis URL
Returns : -
NB: This method is not called by ensembl-hive code itself,
however it is used by two Compara pipeline modules,
in order to avoid blocking by an empty analysis. It should be re-written by using can_be_empty=1 analyses.
sub remove_by_condition_analysis_url {
my ( $self, $condition_analysis_url ) = @_;
my $sth = $self->prepare("DELETE FROM analysis_ctrl_rule WHERE condition_analysis_url =?");
=head2 create_rule
Arg[1] : condition analysis object (Bio::EnsEMBL::Analysis object)
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