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centralized way to manage hashref-style parameters

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This module extends Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Process by implementing param() method.
A majority of Compara RunnableDB methods work under assumption
that both analysis.parameters and analysis_job.input_id fields contain a Perl-style parameter hashref as a string.
This module implements the following capabilities:
1) parsing of these parameters in the right order of precedence (including built-in defaults, if supplied)
# $self->param_init('taxon_id' => 10090, 'source' => 'UniProt');
Note: you should only be running the parser $self->param_init(...) manually
if you want to supply built-in defaults, otherwise it will run by itself - no need to worry.
2) reading a parameter's value
# my $source = $self->param('source'); )
3) dynamically setting a parameter's value
# $self->param('binpath', '/software/ensembl/compara');
Note: It proved to be a convenient mechanism to exchange params
between fetch_input(), run(), write_output() and other methods.
package Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::ProcessWithParams;
use strict;
use base ('Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Process');
sub param_init { # normally will run automatically on the first execution of $self->param(),
# but you can enforce it by running manually, optionally supplying the default values
my $self = shift @_;
if( !$self->{'_param_hash'} or scalar(@_) ) {
my $defaults = scalar(@_) ? { @_ } : {}; # built-in defaults have the lowest precedence
my $parameters = eval($self->parameters()) || {};
if($@) {
die "The module '".ref($self)."' for analysis '".$self->analysis->logic_name()
."' assumes analysis.parameters should evaluate into a {'param'=>'value'} hashref."
." The current value is '".$self->parameters()."'\n";
my $input_id = eval($self->input_id()) || {};
if($@) {
die "The module '".ref($self)."' for analysis '".$self->analysis->logic_name()
."' assumes analysis_job.input_id should evaluate into a {'param'=>'value'} hashref."
." The current value is '".$self->input_id()."'\n";
$self->{'_param_hash'} = { %$defaults, %$parameters, %$input_id };
sub param {
my $self = shift @_;
$self->param_init(); # normally will only run on the first execution
my $param_name = shift @_;
if(@_) { # If there is a value (even if undef), then set it!
$self->{'_param_hash'}{$param_name} = shift @_;
return $self->{'_param_hash'}{$param_name};
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