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......@@ -473,8 +473,12 @@ __DATA__
=head1 DESCRIPTION is the Perl script used to initialize and control the execution of eHive pipelines
and perform some maintenance tasks on the undelying eHive database.
The Beekeeper is in charge of interfacing between the Queen and a compute resource or 'compute farm'.
Its job is to initialize/sync the eHive database (via the Queen), query the Queen if it needs any workers
and to send the requested number of workers to open machines via the script.
It is also responsible for interfacing with the Queen to identify workers which died
unexpectantly so that she can free the dead workers and reclaim unfinished jobs.
......@@ -484,6 +488,9 @@ --host=hostname --port=3306 --user=username --password=secret --dat
# An alternative way of doing the same thing -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/ehive_dbname -sync
# Do not run any additional Workers, just check for the current status of the pipeline: -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/ehive_dbname
# Run the pipeline in automatic mode (-loop), run all the workers locally (-local) and allow for 3 parallel workers (-local_cpus 3) -url mysql://username:secret@hostname:port/long_mult_test -local -local_cpus 3 -loop
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