Commit 19e56b41 authored by Jessica Severin's avatar Jessica Severin
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reverted back to original worker. New code to catch exceptions at the job

level while not killing worker caused catastrophic hammering of analysis_job
table if there was a problem in the code where by all jobs fail.
parent 49e381ab
......@@ -418,21 +418,15 @@ sub run
foreach my $job (@{$jobs}) {
eval {
$self->queen->worker_register_job_done($self, $job);
$self->work_done($self->work_done + 1);
if($@) {
#job threw an exception so it had a problem
printf("job %d failed with exception: $@\n", $job->dbID);
my $batch_end = time() * 1000;
#printf("batch start:%f end:%f\n", $batch_start, $batch_end);
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