Commit 1a3fce82 authored by Jessica Severin's avatar Jessica Severin
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changed the way the output_dir is created. The hive_id is split so that

each digit becomes a directory with a final directory created with the full hive_id
hive_id=1234 => <base_dir>/1/2/3/4/hive_id_1234/
hive_id=12   => <base_dir>/1/2/hive_id_12/
this should distribute the output directories
parent b3f126ec
......@@ -251,8 +251,9 @@ sub last_check_in {
sub output_dir {
my( $self, $outdir ) = @_;
if($outdir and (-d $outdir)) {
$outdir .= "/worker_" . $self->hive_id ."/";
my $str = join("/", split(//, $self->hive_id));
$outdir .= "/$str/hive_id_" . $self->hive_id ."/";
system("mkdir -p $outdir");
$self->{'_output_dir'} = $outdir
return $self->{'_output_dir'};
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