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Smaller requirements.txt since we rely on another file to setup sphinx as on RTD

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Build the documentation locally
Python environment
The manual is written in RestructuredText_ and is built with Sphinx_. It
relies on a number of Python modules.
Locally, install these two requirements file:
On the EBI farm, those are already installed and you only need to activate
the `ehive_sphinx` environment with ``pyenv local ehive_sphinx``.
Other dependencies
* Doxygen_ to build the API documentation
* a checkout of the Ensembl `Core API`_, with ``PERL5LIB`` set, to enable
the Perl Doxygen filter
* Graphviz_ to generate the database diagrams
* Pandoc_ to convert the POD HTML to RestructuredText
Build process
Once you have all the above dependencies, go to ``ensembl-hive/docs``,
run ``make html`` and open ``_build/html/index.html``.
``make clean`` will cleanup all of ``_build/`` except the Doxygen
documentation, since it takes quite a lot of time to generate. Run ``make
cleaner`` to clean it up as well.
.. _RestructuredText:
.. _Sphinx:
.. _Doxygen:
.. _Graphviz:
.. _Pandoc:
.. _Core API:
......@@ -91,8 +91,10 @@ Developer documentation
.. toctree::
:caption: Developer documentation
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