Commit 21db8ded authored by Marek Szuba's avatar Marek Szuba Committed by ens-bwalts
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Travis: comment on which encrypted Slack token is which

parent 3acb4025
......@@ -29,7 +29,9 @@ notifications:
on_failure: always
# coregithub
- secure: gL6s4PRts/S293qOTVDFub8i7DWxqXVpDz5il8Vx7LxSYgOiA9AJcbT1zuXxhfONA5RwXJ62gRze0LllDcAS9TiUl199SSq7x+hBMBKzGxWV5I0P6m5aPMRi2vdC4yiATMQYF97PaH3zWobEDiGEHRAS+mkGNBExXY1hwZSasy8=
# ehive-commits
- secure: XUShBwss607RlWDQyn4tkVDX390+aIXv1ntaUzr9MtsXMpCNm5X/7PPle7Cq6FZ57vHzkIOM0+FM3kIou7vbc3ediwHEv9/o8PwDah7xH46/ukjCsI+labR6jxoX8YX9SRvUUm4FV9Vo2gkWi0IYM+k+VI6AyDFyhEzyJOIGHEY=
on_failure: change
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