Commit 2778c93e authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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trying to follow EnsEMBL API convention about "fetch_by" and "fetch_all_by"

parent 19dd6b12
......@@ -343,7 +343,7 @@ sub determine_status {
sub check_blocking_control_rules {
my $self = shift;
my $ctrl_rules = $self->adaptor->db->get_AnalysisCtrlRuleAdaptor->fetch_by_ctrled_analysis_id($self->analysis_id);
my $ctrl_rules = $self->adaptor->db->get_AnalysisCtrlRuleAdaptor->fetch_all_by_ctrled_analysis_id($self->analysis_id);
my $all_ctrl_rules_done = 1;
......@@ -47,11 +47,11 @@ use Bio::EnsEMBL::Utils::Exception;
use base ('Bio::EnsEMBL::DBSQL::BaseAdaptor');
=head2 fetch_by_ctrled_analysis_id
=head2 fetch_all_by_ctrled_analysis_id
Arg [1] : int $id
the unique database identifier for the feature to be obtained
Example : $ctrlRuleArray = $adaptor->fetch_by_ctrled_analysis_id($ctrled_analysis->dbID);
Example : $ctrlRuleArray = $adaptor->fetch_all_by_ctrled_analysis_id($ctrled_analysis->dbID);
Description: Returns an array reference of all the AnalysisCtrlRule objects
for the specified controled analysis.
Returntype : listref of Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::AnalysisCtrlRule objects
......@@ -60,11 +60,11 @@ use base ('Bio::EnsEMBL::DBSQL::BaseAdaptor');
sub fetch_by_ctrled_analysis_id{
sub fetch_all_by_ctrled_analysis_id {
my ($self,$id) = @_;
unless(defined $id) {
throw("fetch_by_ctrled_analysis_id must have an id");
throw("fetch_all_by_ctrled_analysis_id must have an id");
my $constraint = "r.ctrled_analysis_id = $id";
......@@ -128,6 +128,13 @@ sub store {
Function: removes all the control rules for this condition analysis URL
Returns : -
NB: This method is not called by ensembl-hive code itself,
however it is used by two Compara pipeline modules,
in order to avoid blocking by an empty analysis. It should be re-written by using can_be_empty=1 analyses.
sub remove_by_condition_analysis_url {
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