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a special module to deal with stacks of filehandle redirection

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package Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Utils::RedirectStack;
=head1 NAME
Sometimes there is a need to intercept STDOUT/STDERR and log it in multiple files,
depending on which of the nested objects is "in control" at the moment.
In Hive when a Worker is running a job it logs into a job's file, but between jobs it logs into its own file.
This class implements a convenient stack of proxy file descriptors that lets you log STDOUT or STDERR in various files.
use RedirectStack;
my $rs_stdout = RedirectStack->new(\*STDOUT);
print "Message 1\n"; # gets displayed on the screen
print "Message 2\n"; # goes to 'foo'
print "Message 3\n"; # goes to 'bar'
system('echo subprocess A'); # it works for subprocesses too
print "Message 4\n"; # goes to 'foo'
system('echo subprocess B'); # again, works for subprocesses as well
print "Message 5\n"; # goest to 'baz'
print "Message 6\n"; # goes to 'foo'
print "Message 7\n"; # gets displayed on the screen
use strict;
use warnings;
sub new {
my ($class, $fh) = @_;
die "Please supply filehandle to be redirected as the only argument" unless $fh;
return bless {
'_fh' => $fh,
'_sp' => 0,
'_handle_stack' => [],
}, $class;
sub push {
my ($self, $filename) = @_;
die "Please supply filename to be redirected into as the only argument" unless $filename;
unless($self->{_handle_stack}[$self->{_sp}]) {
open $self->{_handle_stack}[$self->{_sp}], '>&', $self->{_fh};
close $self->{_fh};
open $self->{_fh}, '>', $filename;
sub pop {
my ($self) = @_;
if($self->{_handle_stack}[$self->{_sp}]) {
close $self->{_handle_stack}[$self->{_sp}];
delete $self->{_handle_stack}[$self->{_sp}];
close $self->{_fh};
open $self->{_fh}, '>&', $self->{_handle_stack}[--$self->{_sp}];
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