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documented changes made during rel62

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not bound to any processing 'farm' system and can be adapted to any GRID.
16.Mar, 2011 : Leo
4-5.Jan, 2011 : Leo Gordon
* Reviewed some procedures.sql adding a procedure for timing and several tricks suggested by Greg.
10-12.Mar, 2011 : Andy
* Introduced a new script for "off-line" creation of pipeline diagrams based on GraphViz.
You will have to refrain from direct creation of jobs/analyses/rules in your pipeline
and do dataflow instead to benefit from the drawing.
9.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* Tried a new debugging trick (dumping the Hive database at key steps in the pipeline)
and documented it in module.
2.Mar, 2011 : Leo
* -keep_alive option added to the Beekeeper to allow it to loop even when all jobs are done.
Requested by Bethan for tracking Blast jobs submitted from the web.
1.Feb, 2011 : Miguel
* fixed that was not propagating an error message from importing a PipeConfig module
27.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* Beekeeper will warn if a pipeline doesn't have a name defined
(to avoid clashes with other unnamed pipelines on the farm).
21.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* Foreign key constraints have been moved into a separate .sql file,
to allow the user to switch them all off.
19-20.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* An analysis can now be empty for blocking purposes (blocks only while it contains undone jobs).
This allows creating more flexible pipelines (that have branches that may never execute, but will not block the rest).
19.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* AnalysisJobAdaptor now retries 3 times to avoid deadlock situations when claiming jobs (may need further attn)
14.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* several textual fields in the schema extended to take longer strings
12.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* MySQLTransfer can now param_substitute()
10-21.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* fixed an issue with $self->o() mechanism in lists (incomplete substitutions).
4-5.Jan, 2011 : Leo
* fixed multiple issues that appeared after introduction of the foreign keys
but only became visible after some testing (thanks to Gautier for extra testing!).
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