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included running the new version of sql2html, currently injecting a new hive_schema.hdr file

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<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="ehive_doc.css" />
<base href=""/>
<script src=""></script>
......@@ -2,30 +2,15 @@
Checklist to release a new eHive version
1. Update doxygen
1. Re-draw the schema diagram manually using MySQL Workbench
Simply run doxygen with the ensembl-hive\_doxygen.conf ?
2. Update the Changelog manually using a text editor
2. Update the script documentation
3. Review, install.html and running_eHive_pipelines.html, change the version number in (for rawgit)
1. Regenerate the HTML files from the PODs
4. Regenerate docs/hive_schema.html, docs/scripts and docs/doxygen by running
rm docs/scripts/*
cd scripts/
for i in *.pl
pod2html --noindex --title=$i $i > ../docs/scripts/`echo $i | sed 's/pl$/html/'`
5. Regenerate docs/scripts/index.html if you have 'tree' installed
2. Update the list of scripts in index.html
3. Update the schema diagram
4. Compile and summarize the change-log
5. Update the version number in (for rawgit)
6. Review the installation guide and
6. After branching make sure master will have a new Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Version .
......@@ -15,14 +15,36 @@ use Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Version;
my $ehrd = $ENV{'EHIVE_ROOT_DIR'} or die "Environment variable 'EHIVE_ROOT_DIR' not defined, please check your setup";
my $erd = $ENV{'ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR'} or die "Environment variable 'ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR' not defined, please check your setup";
my $doxy_filter = "$erd/ensembl/misc-scripts/doxygen_filter/";
my $code_ver = Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::Version->get_code_version();
sub generate_hive_schema_desc {
print "Regenerating $ehrd/docs/hive_schema.html ...\n\n";
my $sql2html = "$erd/ensembl-production/scripts/";
die "Cannot find '$sql2html', please make sure ensembl-production API is intalled properly\n" unless(-r $sql2html);
my @cmds = (
"perl $sql2html -i $ehrd/sql/tables.mysql -d Hive -intro $ehrd/docs/ -sort_headers 0 -sort_tables 0 -o $ehrd/docs/tmp_hive_schema.html",
"(head -n 3 $ehrd/docs/tmp_hive_schema.html ; cat $ehrd/docs/hive_schema.hdr ; tail -n +4 $ehrd/docs/tmp_hive_schema.html) > $ehrd/docs/hive_schema.html",
"rm $ehrd/docs/tmp_hive_schema.html",
foreach my $cmd (@cmds) {
print "Running the following command:\n\t$cmd\n\n";
system( $cmd );
sub generate_docs_scripts {
print "Regenerating $ehrd/docs/scripts ...\n\n";
......@@ -46,6 +68,8 @@ sub generate_docs_doxygen {
print "Regenerating $ehrd/docs/doxygen ...\n\n";
my $doxy_filter = "$erd/ensembl/misc-scripts/doxygen_filter/";
die "Cannot run the Ensembl-Doxygen Perl filter at '$doxy_filter', please make sure Ensembl core API is intalled properly\n" unless(-x $doxy_filter);
my @cmds = (
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