Commit 34d2a1ae authored by Jessica Severin's avatar Jessica Severin
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reimplemented check for non-BLOCKED jobs durring claiming process. Thus

blocking can occurr both at the job level and the analysis level.
To block and unblock at the job level will require specific analyses to
determine logic, and will not be implemented in a generic way within the
hive system.
parent b213bd15
......@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ sub claim_jobs_for_worker {
my $sql = "UPDATE analysis_job SET job_claim='$claim'".
" , hive_id='". $worker->hive_id ."'".
" , status='CLAIMED'".
" WHERE job_claim='' ".
" WHERE job_claim='' and status='READY'".
" AND analysis_id='" .$worker->analysis->dbID. "'".
" LIMIT " . $worker->batch_size;
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