Commit 3620c2bb authored by Brandon Walts's avatar Brandon Walts
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Merge branch 'version/2.5'

* version/2.5:
  rework setting of ensembl_cvs_root_dir in response to user bug report
parents 5c0e05f0 0a185089
......@@ -61,8 +61,12 @@ sub default_options {
# [bash] export -n ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR # will stop exporting, but the value in current shell stays as it was
# [tcsh] unsetenv ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR # will destroy the variable even in current shell, and stop exporting
'ensembl_cvs_root_dir' => $self->o('ensembl_root_dir') || $self->o('ensembl_cvs_root_dir') || $ENV{'ENSEMBL_ROOT_DIR'} || $ENV{'ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR'}, # it will make sense to set this variable if you are going to use ehive with ensembl
# have to be careful not to check for $self->o('ensembl_cvs_root_dir') unless no env variable is set, or else
# it will cause options missing errors. Also, the $self->o() system doesn't support optional options at
# the time of this commit, so we can only have one of ensembl_root_dir or ensembl_cvs_root_dir, otherwise
# there would always be an options missing error. We choose ensembl_cvs_root_dir for backwards compatibility.
'ensembl_cvs_root_dir' => defined($ENV{'ENSEMBL_ROOT_DIR'} || $ENV{'ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR'}) ?
$ENV{'ENSEMBL_ROOT_DIR'} || $ENV{'ENSEMBL_CVS_ROOT_DIR'} : $self->o('ensembl_cvs_root_dir'),
'ensembl_release' => Bio::EnsEMBL::ApiVersion::software_version(), # snapshot of EnsEMBL Core API version. Please do not change if not sure.
'rel_suffix' => '', # an empty string by default, a letter otherwise
'rel_with_suffix' => $self->o('ensembl_release').$self->o('rel_suffix'),
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