Commit 46e0ab00 authored by Leo Gordon's avatar Leo Gordon
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print meadow->toString instead of meadow->type

parent 110ce127
......@@ -363,7 +363,7 @@ sub run_autonomously {
foreach my $rc_id ( sort { $workers_to_run_by_rc_id->{$a}<=>$workers_to_run_by_rc_id->{$b} } keys %$workers_to_run_by_rc_id) {
my $this_rc_worker_count = $workers_to_run_by_rc_id->{$rc_id};
print "Submitting $this_rc_worker_count workers (rc_id=$rc_id) to ".$current_meadow->type()."\n";
print "Submitting $this_rc_worker_count workers (rc_id=$rc_id) to ".$current_meadow->toString()."\n";
$current_meadow->submit_workers($iteration, $worker_cmd, $this_rc_worker_count, $rc_id, $rc_xparams->{$rc_id} || '');
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