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......@@ -16,6 +16,37 @@ Summary:
Bio::EnsEMBL::Analysis::RunnableDB perl wrapper objects as nodes/blocks in
the graphs but could be adapted more generally.
2 July, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* [Bugfix] Process::dataflow_output_id() is simplified and generalized
* [Feature/experimental] ProcessWithParams::param_substitute() can now understand #stringifier:param_name# syntax,
several stringifiers added (the syntax is not final, and the stringifiers will probably move out of the module)
* [Feature] TableDumperZipper_conf can now understand negative patterns:
it is an example how to emulate the inexistent in MySQL 5.1 syntax "SHOW TABLES NOT LIKE "%abc%"
my using queries from information_schema.tables
* [Cleanup] the 'did' parameter was finally removed from SystemCmd and SqlCmd to avoid confusion
(the same functionality is already incapsulated into AnalysisJobAdaptor)
* [Feature] SqlCmd can now produce mysql_insert_ids and pass them on as params.
This allows us to grab auto-incremented values on PipeConfig level (see Compara/PipeConfig for examples)
* [Convenience] and can take dbname as a "naked" command line option
(which makes the option's syntax even closer to that of mysql/mysqldump)
* [Convenience] -job_id is now the standard option name understood by and
(older syntax is kept for compatibility)
* [Cleanup] Some unused scripts have been removed from sql/ directory,
drop_hive_tables() added to procedures.sql
* [Bugfix] claim_analysis_status index on analysis_job table has been fixed in tables.sql
and a corresponding patch file added
13 June, 2010 : Leo Gordon
* Added support for dataflow-into-tables, see LongMult example.
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