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Version 2.6
*Summer 2021 "codon" update
Release overview
Version 2.6 is a stability and usability release, with a number
of small improvements. The primary motivation of this release is
to provide users with a feature- and schema- stable eHive version
that incorporates two important changes for compatibility with Ensembl's
future computing environment. First, the temporary directories used by eHive
processes are determined in a much more flexible manner than in previous
versions, and there is a facility for users to explicitly set temporary
directories if desired. Second, there have been several improvements made
for the guest language "wrappers" - particularly for the Python wrappers.
Major new features and scripts
* Temp directories can be explicitly set by the user as worker submission options, via hive_config.json, or by setting the $TMPDIR environment variable
* new script to show parameters visible to a particular job
* New --big_red_button option for to attempt to stop an entire pipeline, including all Beekeepers and Workers
* New pure Python framework for testing Runnables
General improvements
* Various documentation improvements, including a tip sheet
* Root directory environment variables can be with or without "_CVS_"
* Updates for compatibility with new versions of DBI::st
* More flexible checks for db permissions
* CPAN dependencies are cached for faster builds
* Improved handling of SQL errors
* Changes to logging and output to improve both clarity and performance
* Improved deadlock protection for bulk operations on Jobs (e.g. --reset_all_jobs)
Guest language support
* GuestLanguage interface now has a build phase to allow pre-compiling
* Python wrappers have been packaged so that they can be added as a requirements.txt compatibility and are more compatible with IDEs
* Python code refactored to harmonise with Ensembl Python standards
* General improvements and bugfixes to the Python wrapper
* Wrappers added to Docker image
Profiling and testing framework
* Custom categories can be added to
* Improvements to resource_usage view
* New semaphore_job view
* Improved output from the Runnables test interface
* Redirected Beekeeper output to avoid cluttering unit test output
Usability improvements
* Beekeeper output improved for clarity and more accurate job counts
* New debug mode prevents the forking of eHive processes that confused the Perl debugger
* JSON output option for
* Can now search for analysis logic_names and tags using regexes
* Fixed output bugs in and
* Explicit errors thrown when encountering a missing or invalid reg_conf
Version 2.5
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