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......@@ -16,6 +16,47 @@ Summary:
Bio::EnsEMBL::Analysis::RunnableDB perl wrapper objects as nodes/blocks in
the graphs but could be adapted more generally.
3 April, 2009 : Albert Vilella
Added a new maximise_concurrency 1/0 option. When set to 1, it will
fetch jobs that need to be run in the adequate order as to maximise
the different number of analyses being run. This is useful for cases
where different analyses hit different tables and the overall sql
load can be kept higher without breaking the server, instead of
having lots of jobs for the same analysis trying to hit the same
Added quick HIGHMEM option. This option is useful when a small
percent of jobs are too big and fail in normal conditions. The
runnable can check if it's the second time it's trying to run the
job, if it's because it contains big data (e.g. gene_count > 200)
and if it isn't already in HIGHMEM mode. Then, it will call
reset_highmem_job_by_dbID and quit:
if ($self->input_job->retry_count == 1) {
if ($self->{'protein_tree'}->get_tagvalue('gene_count') > 200 && !defined($self->worker->{HIGHMEM})) {
throw("Alignment job too big: send to highmem and quit");
Assuming there is a -url <blah> -highmem -lsf_options "<lots of mem>"
running, or a <blah> -highmem 1
with lots of mem running, it will fetch the HIGHMEM jobs as if they
were "READY but needs HIGHMEM".
Also added a modification to Queen that will not synchronize as
often when more than 450 jobs are running and the load is above
0.9, so that the queries to analysis tables are not hitting the sql
server too much.
23 July, 2008 : Will Spooner
Removed remaining ensembl-pipeline dependencies.
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